Operation IMPACT

Operation IMPACT

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Reducing the growing trend of veteran suicides requires a comprehensive approach that not only identifies root cause, but applies the learning into real actionable steps for prevention.  Leveraging our collaboration model, The Warrior Alliance is partnering with several thought leaders to examine the issue at the individual level and take action to drive measurable impact.

The initial project is in collaboration with America’s Warrior Partnership and a team of experts in veteran suicide to conduct a four-year research study called Operation Deep Dive.  With the goal of putting research into action, we are working with the CDC Foundation to establish best practices and methods for converting the data across our integration model.

As Operation Deep Dive works to capture historical indicators that lead to early mortality due to self-harm among military veterans, Operation IMPACT translates these evidence-based findings into The Warrior Alliance intake process to prompt action when these markers are identified.  Using predictive analytics technology, each action that improves a Warrior’s Quality of Life is tracked and analyzed to enable more proactive, precise and predictable Warrior life outcomes.

Operation IMPACT combines artificial intelligence with direct Warrior-to-Navigator communication to remove ambiguity and reactive guesswork, while delivering a leading-edge approach for prevention and reduction of veteran suicides.